Environment and Sustainability

          Environment and Sustainability

          OUR AIM

          As AGT Family; to be a leading company in the sector, which has adopted as a culture to provide a healthy and sustainable working environment where employees feel safe with the understanding of human, environment and zero accidents.

          OUR VALUES

          - People-oriented

          -Environmentally Respectful

          - Aiming for Excellence


          The common goal of the Board Members and all employees of AGT Ağaç San. ve Tic. AŞ. is to ensure our compliance with the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Management System, relevant laws and to continuously improve our effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of our employees and all stakeholders in all operational stages of our institution. Therefore we aim;

          1) To be able to make the working environment as safe and healthy as possible in a way that meets all legal requirements and corporate working conditions regarding Occupational Health and Safety

          2) To guarantee that AGT employees and all other stakeholders have all kinds of opportunities within the framework of the relevant legislation in force

          3) To establish an occupational health and safety management system supported by senior management and adopted, implemented, supervised by all employees, which is open and continuously improved for the monitoring of interested parties

          4) In particular, to examine our important risks such as dust, fire, road safety, chemical exposure and odour arising from our processes with a continuous improvement approach and to set targets and to create programs in order to reduce these risks

          5) To carry out the necessary preventive actions related to the risks of potential work accidents and work diseases

          6) In order to ensure that all facilities, equipment and processes are operated within the framework of this policy in the design, operation, maintenance and revision, it aims to create a company culture in which everyone fully complies with our current occupational health and safety golden rules and procedures, and to achieve excellence in Occupational Health and Safety by training and informing our employees in this context.


          AGT Ağaç San. Tic. A.Ş. sees it as a duty to leave a liveable world to future generations. AGT Ağaç San. Tic. A.Ş. will make an effort to contribute to the environment in all working areas. Not only AGT, but the whole world can survive in this way and look forward to a healthy future with confidence. 

          For this purpose we undertake:

          1) To comply with compliance obligations for reducing and minimizing environmental pollution arising in environments where processes take place during our activities;

          2) To reduce our environmental impacts arising during our operations as much as possible;

          3) To make an effort to use materials that can be reused or recycled and to reduce the amount of natural resource consumption;

          4) To ensure the continuous improvement of our environmental performance by setting new goals and objectives; to inform and raise awareness of our employees, guests, suppliers, subcontractors, services, dealers and neighbours and all relevant stakeholders and parties about our Environmental Policy and our efforts to reduce our impacts on the environment; to reduce resource consumption and /or to use it at optimum level; to reduce waste amounts, to ensure the reuse and recycling of wastes.