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          AGT Career

           1. Human Resources Policy

          AGT values its employees as “people first”. Respects the rights and freedoms of employees. Ethical values are important to AGT and all employees are treated in line with this philosophy. AGT aims to make this company culture continuous.

          AGT expects the same perspective from its employees as a company that is open to change and innovation, can adapt to technological developments, and aims at continuous growth and development, and supports them in line with these goals.

          AGT gives priority to society, laws, moral values, occupational safety rules and practices and quality standards it commits to. Expects all employees to act on this priority basis.

          AGT aims to add value to its employees, customers, suppliers, families and society at every moment of life. 

          2. Occupational Safety Policy

          One of the most important goals of AGT is to provide a healthy, peaceful and happy working environment for its employees and to be a preferred workplace. In order to achieve this goal, AGT believes that the job and the workplace must first be a safe place for everyone. Tries to take all necessary measures for Occupational Health and Safety and to help its employees protect their physical and mental health.

          3. Human Resource Force

          AGT, whose biggest power is "Emotional Capital", has always been proud of its potential to provide nearly 1500 qualified workforce and the highest employment opportunity in the region. AGT creates Human Resources power in line with future plans and strategies by supporting its employees in terms of both profession and personal development. The firm sees the “AGT family” as a great force that includes the families of its employees.

          4. Recruitment and Backup Plan

          Different tests and inventories specific to positions are applied in recruitment processes. At the same time, it is aimed to select the right leaders for the teams with the "evaluation center" application in all recruitment processes in manager and above positions. 

          In addition to the right candidate approach for AGT, the right business philosophy for candidates constitutes the biggest difference of the company.

          5. Training and Development

          AGT aims to provide the necessary training and development support to meet the company's needs and the professional and individual development of the employees. Employees are supported by personal development programs as well as technical and institutional training.

          6. Evaluation Center Study

          AGT believes in the culture of feedback and its impact on development. For this purpose, the company conducts Evaluation Center Applications in order to support its employees to discover their strong areas, to prepare them for the future and to manage their potential within the company correctly. As a methodology, collaborations are being developed with completely independent and internationally accredited companies in line with systematics accepted all over the world and with priority for the management team.

          7. Performance Management System

          AGT Performance Management System aims to disseminate the targets determined in line with the company's strategies at all business levels and to maximize the performance of the employees in line with these common goals.

          "Goal setting and target dissemination", "goal tracking", "mid-term evaluations", "year-end evaluations" and "feedback" constitute the processes of the AGT Performance Management System.

          After determining the strategic objectives of AGT at the beginning of the year, the target is spread up to all lower levels with the Executive Board and the management team in line with the direction of the Board of Directors.

          At the beginning of the year, the annual goals of the employees are determined through the goal setting interview between the managers and employees. The realizations of these targets are monitored during the year and corrective measures are taken.

          At the end of the year, employees are ensured to come together with their relevant managers to conduct performance evaluation and feedback interviews.

          Individual development plans of the employees are created as an output of the feedback interview. The achievements of the personnel are measured and rewarded in the light of the target realizations. The outputs of the Performance Management System create inputs for the determination of wages and promotions.

          8. Wages and Fringe Benefits

          In AGT, a fair, position-oriented and standardized wage system is applied in line with the job evaluation methodology and market comparisons.

          For this reason, a pricing system in which the works and their contents are evaluated is preferred regardless of the title and person. Based on the discipline of "It is not fair to treat two things that are not equal", the AGT, which adopts the 'fair wage’ policy rather than the 'equal wage' policy, continues to develop systems and processes that will provide competitive advantage and highlight successful performance.