Institution Values

          We aim to create a brand focused on people and value.


          AGT values people and human health at every point it reaches with its products and services. It considers human health as a priority in the whole process, from the raw materials it uses to the production conditions.

          For AGT, not only final customer satisfaction, but also the satisfaction of employees and business partners is very important:

          - In production facilities, occupational safety, working conditions, etc. are treated very sensitively.

          - All business partners are always supported by external stakeholders by providing post-sale service and technical support.

          Development and Quality-Oriented

          AGT focuses on continuous development, R&D and R&D supported production. It offers the most perfect solutions for everyone it interacts with. It serves with 100% AGT quality, regardless of the conditions. It maintains this understanding of quality, which it started in the first stage of production, in its after-sales service.

          327 product-based protection and 19 patent/utility model registrations owned by AGT are one of the clearest indicators of the aim it focuses on.

          Environmentally Respectful

          AGT sees it as its duty to leave a liveable, clean world to future generations. As a company that embraces the future and the change it brings, it determined its environmental policy accordingly: Complying with all environmental laws and regulations to protect the environment and ensure its continuity, keeping the environmental effects under control and trying to continuously improve its environmental performance by reducing these effects.