Best Promotion award to AGT Website

          17 January 2022

          Best Promotion Award to AGT Website

          AGT was awarded the Best Promotion award in the Sectoral Marketing category in the "Altın Çekül / Golden Plumb International Building Catalog Awards", which came to life for the 27th time under the roof of Turkey's first and only material catalog YAPI CATALOG, which has been published since 1973! AGT, which has won awards at the Golden Cheque International Building Catalog Awards, which find its owners in 3 main categories: Innovative Product, Idea and Sectoral Marketing in the Structure, will continue to work for an innovative and sustainable future.

          AGT Brand and Marketing Group Manager Bahri Keçeli, who spoke at the award ceremony; "The real magic is the product itself," he said, reminding that AGT products produce environmentally and with a focus on human health. "It shapes our production processes with the awareness of the sensitivities of a mother and the details that an architect needs in the design process; we produce with an emphasis on the environment and human health. Our new user-friendly website is the scene where we exhibit our products, which we believe in magic. We are very pleased that this scene has been appreciated by the building catalog team and industry professionals."