Laminate Flooring

          AGT Laminate Flooring, achieving harmony with nature, delivers comfortable aesthetics through its non-staining surfaces, standard production at E0 value, and features such as being anti-static and water resistant. With its durable structure that resists UV rays and abrasion, AGT, a Turkish laminate flooring manufacturer, offers the opportunity for long-term use while enhancing comfort and aesthetics in interior design.

          AGT's laminate flooring models, guided by a user-centric, eco-friendly, and sustainable production policy, are certified with E0, TSCA, EPD, CE, TSE and Blue Angel. Best laminate flooring models are manufactured to special standards, reflecting our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

          Wholesale laminate flooring prices vary based on the chosen model and the total order size. For models preferred in indoor spaces, homes, and offices, you can obtain prices from our dealers or request dealership information for your region. AGT is a big HDF laminate flooring manufacturer in Turkey. It is important to accurately determine your needs before obtaining HDF laminate flooring pricelist and to contact us to seek assistance from an expert.