28 December 2021

          Architect HASAN GÜNSEV Listed AGT Solutions in Home Decoration

          From the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the bathroom, Architect HASAN GÜNSEV explained how he uses AGT products:


          For me, what makes a project worthwhile is that it has a story and a spirit that reminds me of that story. The emotions and memories that we make people feel when they enter a space are the indicators of our success.

          I think that the most important point that distinguishes us from others, especially in interior architecture, is the feeling that we integrate into the space. In thousands of space projects we have implemented up to now, we have achieved this feeling transfer by benefitting from the advantages offered to us by the used materials.

          When it comes to space projects, my favourite projects are usually 360-Degree Home Decoration Projects. You need to solve hundreds of equations, ranging from the Entree to the wet floors, at the same time. The most enjoyable part of our job is to bring solutions to these equations with multiple variables, to know that the life you enliven shall bring convenience to someone's life and shall also increase the comfort in someone's life.

          One of my most important supporters in these processes is AGT. Thanks to the furniture and wall solutions it has developed, AGT creates opportunities for customizable spaces. With its products that are easy to assemble, durable and have unlimited colour/texture options, AGT opens a window to the endless world of design for us, the designers.

          For example, the first area, where we feel the effect of the concept, in an interior space is the Entree. The parquet, which is preferred for flooring, has an important effect on the identification of the space. To ensure a warm welcome at the Entree, AGT's Toscana Series MDF Lam Products can be preferred.

          The easy-to-process feature of AGT Panel and MDF Lam Product Groups, which play an important role in the customization of the design, allows the designer to add his/her own unique interpretation to all interior design details and to obtain different results with the same product. For example; a space that is enriched by Picasso Gold Panels, which can be placed inside niches and decorated with top lighting elements, can create a warm welcoming atmosphere for the user. This technique can also be a stylish solution for alternative places such as hotels, offices. You can design quite stylish cloakroom spaces by enriching AGT SUPRAMAT Panels with brass handles.


          As for AGT's flooring solutions, the Effect Series can strengthen the design of the space thanks to its texture. Effect Series Palermo Parquet is preferred in designs due to its natural appearance, strong texture, rich and aesthetic appearance.

          The easy-to-install feature of AGT Parquet reduces the time necessary for the implementation of projects. We can easily recommend AGT Parquet to the space owners due to its surface's being resistant to scratches.


          We use AGT products in our own projects within the frame of our own architectural language. In some of our designs, we use AGT Profiles for some of the wall surfaces. We sometimes make these choices for wet spaces such as bathrooms, which are not considered for wooden products. Due to their resistance to different humidity and heat environments, AGT Profiles are products that we can apply to different surfaces without fear.

          AGT supramat panels contribute to the hygiene and health of space users beyond creating an elegant atmosphere with their matt appearance.


          Sometimes the use of the material for solutions other than its known purpose reveals the limitlessness of the designer's imagination. For example, due to the richness of their patterns and textures, we can sometimes use AGT Parquet as a headboard and sometimes as a cabinet back.


          With the concept of home-office, which has become more involved in our home life as a result of the Pandemic, AGT solutions offer us unlimited options.


          One of the places, where you will feel the strong effect of a home concept most intensely, is the kitchen. The solutions you create in the kitchen, apart from their effective and original designs, should also make the user's life easier.


          The first thing that catches the eye in kitchen designs is the model and colour of the kitchen doors. The model and colour of the kitchen doors hide the inconsistency when the doors are opened. Scratch-proof AGT panels provide long-lasting and reliable products to kitchen areas.


          We can also apply AGT profiles, which offer special solutions for every space and area, under counters in a way that we are not that much used to seeing.


          • Designer