22 April 2022

          How to Clean Laminate Flooring

          As one of the most comfortable and practical details of your living spaces, Laminate flooring is mostly preferred by many users as they are natural-looking, long-lasting and affordable. Laminate flooring is maintenance-free, easy to clean and has a durable surface. Laminate flooring are produced from 3 layers. The final layer is formed by thin coating of quality and durable wooden material. Installation is quite practical as it does not require polishing during flooring. It is also easy to clean and maintain but contact with water should be avoided for a long time. To continue to use Laminate flooring as they are on the first day, you must clean your floorings as they become dusty and maintain them with the right products. To clean your laminate flooring with a high wood content in a practical and safe way, you can check out our laminate flooring cleaning guide.


          As one of the decoration parts of homes or workplaces, Laminate flooring offers comfort with its elegance and durability for a long time. When you feel your flooring getting dusty, you can vacuum with the vacuum cleaner's hard floor brush attachment. Thus, you remove dust particles on it. After completing the sweeping operation, it is time for the wiping operation. When performing the wiping process, which is a very critical process for all floorings, care should be taken for laminate flooring. The first step here is to choose the cleaning material that suits your flooring. Flooring surfaces that may be damaged by harsh chemicals must be wiped with special cleaners for wooden floors.

          Choosing the Right Material

          Choosing the right material takes care of your floorings, not just cleaning. This extends the life of your floorings with every cleaning process. If you do not want to use chemicals for cleaning, you can use Arab soap (liquid or gel) by mixing with a cup of vinegar. Thanks to this natural mixture, your floorings will have a sparkling appearance. The second important point you should pay attention to is flooring surfaces and liquid contact time. As a result of the exposure of the flooring surfaces to excessive liquid contact, the surface may swell and start to decay when it is repeated continuously. To avoid this problem, which is frequently encountered especially in laminate floors, you can wipe with a damp cloth or special fiber cloths. You should make sure that the surface is not exposed to too much liquid.

          Drying and Maintenance

          Although you should be careful when wiping laminate floors, sometimes unwanted liquid contacts or water stains may occur. To prevent stains and make your floorings look smoother, the solution is simple: Drying. After you have done your wiping, you can dry all the parts you have wiped with a dry microfiber cloth. In addition to the drying process, you can use the flooring polishing process to give your laminate floors a new look. However, performing this process too often may damage the flooring floor and shorten the life of the flooring.

          Humidity of the Environment

          The humidity of the Laminate flooring environment is important. Since the tree where the flooring is produced is alive, it is in contact with air. The breathing material has a constantly working structure. For this reason, in an environment with low humidity, tree material shrinks. As a result, joint formation may occur. When the humidity is high, the tree expands and therefore swells. The more important the laminate cleaning is, the more important the humidity of the environment is. If flooring is to be used in large spaces, it is recommended not to make sudden changes in the temperature factor of the environment. The ideal ambient temperature is 18 to 22 degrees Celsius in order not to damage the floorings from moisture. In order to use Laminate flooring for a long time in the best way, it is necessary to check the humidity of the environment.

          How to Polish Laminate flooring

          Laminate flooring is one of the flooring products used in houses, workplaces, offices and many different environments. It is frequently preferred due to its comfortable use and stylish appearance. At the same time, since it is easy and effortless to clean, products produced from different tree types such as modern soft laminate flooring or wooden laminate flooring are used especially in houses. There are several points to consider when cleaning Laminate flooring. Apart from these, users may wonder how to polish the flooring. You can use flooring polish to polish the matte Laminate flooring. Wax varieties that are water based and do not require sanding at the same time are recommended. In addition, it is recommended to use products with a soft structure when cleaning the flooring. With gentle movements, you can use wood cleaners that will not abrasive the floor when cleaning the flooring.

          How to Remove Stains from Laminate Flooring

          Of course, you may encounter problems such as stains and dirt when using flooring. The stains on the flooring can be removed easily and comfortably. Some stains may be harder to remove than expected. When such heavy stains occur, the use of spirits or vinegar is recommended. There are different methods to remove paint, adhesive and paint stains on the flooring.

          Paint staining

          As long as the flooring is cleaned regularly, it can give you the high performance you want for years. Sometimes unwanted heavy stains can get on the floor. One of them is paint. If the paint is spilled and then dried, you can first sweep that area with the help of a vacuum cleaner. However, if the paint is new, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and keep the paint from drying. You can get help from acetone as a next step. You can use the acetone to wipe the floor with a wet cloth. In addition, there are special sprays that clean the dried paint stain. If you wish, you can also benefit from sprays.

          Super Glue

          Super adhesive is known as a very strong adhesive product due to the chemicals contained in it. For this reason, it may be difficult to clean. There are several methods to clean the super adhesive contaminated the flooring. One of them is using ice. You can rub the part where the adhesive is contaminated with ice and remove it without damaging the floor. If this is not adequate, you can get help from the lubricating oil. It is recommended to wait 20 to 25 minutes after applying the oil to the ground. You can then remove the adhesive without damaging the flooring with the help of a Q-tip or cotton.

          Whitewash Staining

          Although measures are taken when painting, paint can contaminate the Laminate flooring. Regardless of whether it is dark or light laminate flooring, there are different methods to remove paint stains that will look bad on all kinds of flooring. First of all, if you wish, you can scrape off the excess parts of the stains in a way that will not damage the flooring. Then, one of the recommended methods is to wipe the stained part with isopropyl alcohol in detail. If it is an oily paint, you can use olive oil. Another method is to use synthetic thinner with the help of a cloth. You need to wipe the flooring with soapy water after wiping the flooring with circular motion. After carrying out this process, you should dry the stained part with a dry cloth. If the paint is dry, you can use hot water and soap or detergent. After moistening a soft cloth with the water you prepared, you can wipe the painted parts. This will soften the dried paint. And then it comes out completely.

          What are the Ways to Remove Laminate Floor Scratches?

          Regardless of whether it is snow oak laminate or wooden laminate, every type of flooring is frequently preferred with its modern and stylish appearance. It can be used in different environments thanks to its different colors and designs. In some cases, floorings can be damaged and scratched. Even if you can't prevent these situations sometimes, there are ways you can remove scratches afterwards. Scratches on the flooring may occur if an incorrect cleaning is performed or if hard objects come into contact with the flooring. You can use the filling process to remove the scratches. Wax and wooden filler are the products used in the scratch removal process. You can choose the product you want. After you clean the drawn part in detail, you will need to fill the scratch and then fill those parts with wax or wooden filler. After performing these procedures, you should wait 24 hours for it to dry.

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