05 October 2021

          Use of Wall Panel through the Eye of Interior Architect Hakan Kütahya

          Interior designer Hakan Kütahya told AGT Trend Suggestions block about the details and usage options of wall panel usage.

          Hello, I am Hakan Kütahya, interior designer...

          I would like to tell you a little bit about the importance of wall panels in this article and where and how they are used today.

          Wall panels have become products that I prefer to use frequently in the hall, bedroom and even in all rooms. For example, I can use these panels instead of coat racks and cabinets at the entrance and create more beautiful areas with hangers. I can also use it by placing a bench in front of them. The product fills the space and gives the space a fresh look.

          In the bedrooms, I apply the wall panels to the bedheads in full or half way. In this way, I eliminate the bedside problem that we have the most difficulty in Turkey. I cover the area with panels and make it warmer when there is a TV behind the unit or a very large wall in the halls.  

          Wall panels are highly diverse products in terms of colour, texture and model. For this reason, I do not have many problems in finding products that can fit the concept of the general space. Since it is a product that can look visually rich and stylish, I can choose panels. One of the most beautiful features of wall panels is that you can easily turn them into a cabinet door. Very recently, it made the entrance area of my house, where I built both the wall and the closet, look much more pleasant.

          In the kitchen or guest rooms, thanks to the panels I usually use as a half wall, I can take the whole area out of the standard areas and send it to country houses. So we can draw attention to ourselves.

          Interior architecture is a very relative art that can be shaped very differently from its point of view. I think that there is no work or design that my colleagues will not be able to do after discovering this material. Even the ceiling can be covered if desired. It will be very interesting especially in commercial venues such as cafes and restaurants. In kitchens, square fronts and surfaces can be covered. You can lay unlimited space and make extra contributions to your design. I have recently placed these products in a living space in all my designs.    

          Especially in the empty areas of your house, at the point where you say what kind of something you can do here, you can determine a back of a bergère, a back of a coffee table, or you can cover the edges of the fireplace with these products and make the space of your house more beautiful. It would be nice to cover the complete or half wall in the coffee corners in the kitchen. The opposite side of the kitchen counter is empty and it will support your design to cover it half to match the ceramic and general concept. 

          In short, there is nothing on the wall panels that you cannot achieve thanks to color, texture and surface options. I am confident that these panels will be applied and seen and applied in all houses soon. 

          • Designer