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AGT Design By Defne Koz Spark

A rich pattern that combines natural wood streaks with geometric lines.

The result is a balance created by organic and flat patterns, arranged in the form of a kind of mosaic.

AGT Design By Defne Koz Bliss

Although it is a soft and calm pattern resembling natural streaks, the streaks were actually created by a parametric computer program.

Since I am able to adjust the shape and density of the streaks using a computer program, we can say that the wood actually came from "a tree with brain"

Effect Series

Are you ready for a nature walk at your home?

With surface that exactly match with its patterns, Effect Flooring Series brings nature to your feet.

Effect Premium Series

With its durability, sound and heat insulation-enhanced features

As well as the perfect harmony of its surface structure with design, Effect 12 mm Premium Flooring is with you.

Effect Elegance Series

Inspired by nature, AGT brings innovation to your living space with the series "Effect Flooring".

Wouldn't you like to feel the real tree texture and the inspiration of nature at your house with 8 different color options, register emboss feature and harmony with the space?

Bella Flooring Series

A budget-friendly innovation: Bella Flooring Series…

Sometimes, even the smallest detail helps to change the mood, just like the flowers do. Bella Flooring Series designed by the inspiration of these details. New, Bella Flooring Series; a budged-friendly innovation…

Natura Flooring Series

Laminated flooring collection of AGT: Natura Flooring Serial

Color and texture of trees are used in design of Natura Flooring Serial existing with natural materials and inspiring beauty of nature. Collection including 16 different color option and timberland surface texture add different energy and light to whole living field.

Concept 10 mm Flooring Series

AGT Concept 10 mm Flooring Series they named with an inspiration from the centre off ashion, Milan. Meet new Concept Series to have the world’s fashion in your home.

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