Terms of Use & Privacy

Terms of Use of Web Site and Confidentiality Policy Document

This text explains the terms of use and the confidentiality policy required by User(s) of AGT web site.

The following definitions are applicable for the web site at www.agt.com.tr


AGT: AGT Agaç Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş as the site owner,

FSEK: Law 5946 on Intellectual Property Rights,

User(s): Real persons or entities that register to the Website by voluntarily providing the information requested in the registration form, or those who visit the site without providing personal information.

Site: www.agt.com.tr web site,

Law 5651: Law On Regulation Of Publications On The Internet And Suppression Of Crimes Committed By Means Of Such Publications,

Law 6698: Law On Privacy Of Personal Data.

Terms of Use

User(s) agree and declare that AGT, group companies or their employees, managers or authorized representatives will not be under any legal or penal liability during their visit to the Site for the articles, information, comments, views, news, visuals, pictures, figures, graphics or contents available on the Site and developed by AGT or third parties, discontinuation, delayed of faulty issue of such contents, use of or consequences of the decisions made based on use of such contents as well as the positive or negative material or moral consequences of not reading or reading but not acting in compliance with the terms of use of the Site and the damages and losses arising therefrom.

User(s) agree and declare that AGT, group companies or their employees, managers or authorized representatives will not be under any legal or penal liability for availability of AGT Logo or the pages from the web site on another web site or use of information provided by loading of contents to the web site by third parties or visitors or for the contents which do not give rise to a liability within the frame of general internet implementations.

User(s) agree and declare in advance that AGT reserves the right to unilaterally change or update the Web Site Terms of Use or the Confidentiality Policy anytime and that they agree to any such possible amendment.

Confidentiality Policy

This Confidentiality Policy is applicable for your personal data during the provision of services related with www.agt.com.tr web site.

Collection and Processing of Your Personal Data

User(s) declare that they submit their personal data to be shared on www.agt.com.tr/en/human-resources which include name and e-mail for subscribing to the Site and make job applications, submit opinions and comments, introduce themselves and closely monitor user preferences with their clear consent in accordance with Articles 5/f.1 and 6/f.2 of the Law 6698 on Privacy of Personal Data, that these data are collected to introduce them, offer better services, keep them up-to-date on their applications or contents as well as the events or improvements promoted by the Site. Furthermore, as the hosting provide, we remind you that your traffic data will be processed as per Law 5651 Article 2/f.1 paragraph j.

Security & Transfer of You Personal Data and the Exercise of Your Rights on Your Personal Data

Your personal data shared with us will be securely stored of AGT's database as confidential information and will not be shared with third parties as per Article 12 of Law 6698 on Privacy of Personal Data. AGT uses hash, encryption, logging, access management and physical security measures to ensure the security of information systems which host personal data against unauthorized access or illegal processing.

AGT shares the personal data solely with the clear consent of the Users for the purposes of offering added-value services, opportunities and promotions to the Users group companies or with public authorities and institutions where legally required.

You can contact us by sending an e-mail to info@agt.com.tr anytime to exercise your rights as per Law 6698 Article 11 on your personal data you have shared for the purposes and with the methods set forth by the Terms of Use for this Web Site as well as the Confidentiality Policy Document.

Accurate and Up-to-date Storage of Personal Data

User(s) agree and declare that the data they share on the Web Site should be accurate and up-to-date for the exercise of their rights on their personal data as per Law 6698 on Privacy of Personal Data and other applicable legislation and that they will be responsible for the consequences of providing inaccurate data. You can change or update the personal data you share by sending an e-mail to info@agt.com.tr

Deletion, Removal or Anonymization of Your Personal Data

Personal data processed for the purposes set forth by this Web Site Terms of Use and the Confidentiality Policy will be anoymized and used by us when its purpose is removed as per Law 6698 Article 7/f.1 and after the expiry of the term set forth by Turkish Penal Code Article 138.

Important Issues as per FSEK and Law 5651

User(s) agree and declare that there may be links to other web sites or contents on the Web Site, that their control or accuracy or suitability is not under the responsibility of AGT, that AGT does not support these sites or confirm the accuracy of their contents, that it is not under any responsibility regarding the contents on these sites and that AGT will not be responsible for the material or moral damages and losses caused by the positive or negative consequences of using these sites.

User(s) agree and declare that the web site may include articles, information, comments, opinions, news, visuals, pictures, figures, graphics or other materials developed by AGT or third parties and AGT owns the legal rights to these materials as set forth by Law of Intellectual Property, that they cannot be copied, modified, duplicated, distributed, sold or otherwise used without prior consent of AGT and that they cannot be otherwise changed.

User(s) irrevocably agree, declare and undertake that they have read the Web Site Terms of Use and the Confidentiality Policy before visiting the Web Site, that they will comply with them, that Istanbul Courts and Executive Offices will be the competent jurisdiction regarding any conflict or dispute which may arise in relation to these provisions, and that the Web Site contents and AGT’s digital logs will be evidential as per the Code of Civil Procedure Article 193.

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