Problems that occur over time in different parts of the house where you live, shortcomings in the new home you will move, or points you want to change can make it necessary to make renovation. Although the result of the renovations that will provide you with a new and refurbished home is beautiful, the time before and during the renovation is a process that needs to be handled carefully and must proceed in a planned manner. Now, let's examine together what we must pay attention to for not being regretful after the renovation and not suffering material and spiritual damage.

Your First Step Must Be Taking Notes of Your Needs

Renovation process is not easy one. It is impossible to repeat this period every few months, when your peace will be temporarily deteriorated and your house will have plenty of dust and tumult. For that reason, you should note all deficiencies in the room you want to renew, i.e. to renovate. If you check the list you have prepared before the renovation starts at certain intervals, it will help you to remember renovation items you may possibly forget and include them in the plan. You can even include other areas at your home that need renovations into that renovation plan. If you are going to make renovations at more than one point in your house, you can take notes according to room names. For example, taking notes such as shower cabin in the bathroom, battery replacement, changing the window in the guest room, painting the wall and so on will guide you in this process. If you think that you do not have enough budgets for the renovations necessary in all areas of your home, and if the renovations you are considering to conduct are not urgent, you can postpone your plans for a few months. Thus, you do not have to deal with detailed cleanings after every renovation and you will not get tired. Furthermore, you can get help from the specialist companies on cleaning after renovation.


Make Price Comparisons of Products and Services

In the previous step, you have noted the renovation work you need. Now, it is time to compare the service charges, that is, the prices of different companies. At this stage, you need to know what you want and tell exactly what you have in your mind to the companies you want to do business with. If you wish, you can get the advice of the companies you want to get help from and you can manage your home renovations in this direction.


Determine Your Budget

The budget that will be needed for the renovation of your house will be determined after you have identified the renovation services you need and have conducted price research in this direction. But, as in most cases, things may not go as planned, especially in the case of renovations. For this reason, it would be right to allocate a certain amount for unplanned expenses in addition to the main budget. Hence, you will not have to worry about this during the renovation and you can do all your work on time, without stress.

Things to do just before the Renovation

It's time for renovation now! We have talked about that the renovation is a hard process. If you are planning to move into a new house and going to make the modifications in this house, that is, if you do not live in the house yet where you will make renovations in and if your objects are not there, we can say that you will experience less difficulty in this process. If you engage in renovations at the house you live in, this will have a direct effect on the difficulty coefficient of the process. This is because it is not so easy to renovate in a house full of furnishings. Well, what kind of a course do you have to follow in this case?

Decorating Proposals that will Contribute to the Decoration of Your House

It is a fact that the renovation renews your house and makes it have a different view. In other words, renovation and decoration are very close concepts. Now, let's look at how you can contribute to the decoration of your home in the direction of the renovations made most.

• If you are going to renew the wall decoration, that is, paint the walls or apply the wall paper, you should take the trends into consideration. For example, painting the wall in a different color, covering the wall with a wall paper that matches the decoration is an application that makes the space different.
• If you are complaining about the small size of the area you are applying renovations, you might prefer light colors on the walls and you can transfer furniture to another room that you think is outnumbered in the room.
• If you want to cover the floors of your house with floorings, you can choose the ones that will keep your floorings on the front panel instead of the ones that cover the whole floor. It should not be forgotten that floor selection is very important in home decoration. AGT floorings are among your greatest helpers in reaching your dream decoration. Also, the baseboards that complete the floor decoration are also the products you need to evaluate during the renovation.
• The contribution of lighting to decoration is also great. You can enlighten the areas you want to highlight (for example your library) with spot lights in the room you want to renovate. In the meantime, the spotlights seem also very nice in bathroom cabinets.
• No matter how stylish and orderly your home is, cables of electronic appliances cause a messy look. That's why, during the renovation, you can evaluate the idea of creating a space where you can hide the cables of the electronic products you use.

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