Living rooms, one of the most social sections of your house, are also the most important areas where you "introduce your guests to your home". It is much easier than you think to make your living room look more spacious by solving the "issue of small living room " we have encountered for almost every house and create a spring effect in your living room. We have compiled all of the living room decoration tips for you to make your small room gain a much larger and spacious look without having to make big changes that require high budget and time. Thus, while your living room attains its rightful glory, you can say hello to a brand new home with your spring cleaning.


Selecting and Positioning the Furniture

The first thing you will do to make your living room look larger is to position your existing furniture properly. Instead of large and detailed sofa sets that show the existing space much smaller, single sofas or L-type seats will both save you area and create a much more spacious feel.

As an alternative to angular corner seats, you can combine a single sofa with beanbags of different colors. If the dining area is also included in the living room, you should opt for more moderately sized portable designs instead of large dining tables. Especially in auxiliary furniture such as coffee table, dresser or sideboard, you should mind to select models that are designed using materials such as lacquer that reflect the light and have bright textures. If you do not like bright textures and patterns, transparent furniture and accessories will also help your living room to breathe. You are free to choose dark colors for your furniture groups, but using light colors or patterns on all other elements that complement them will help you get the spacious look that you’ve been looking for. When positioning your furniture, you should choose comfy combinations in which the ends of the sofa sets are free and tables or stools are in the center.

Selecting the Right Flooring

The second important step to take for a more spacious living room is the selection of flooring with the right color and texture. Flooring models in light colors, just as the furniture, will create a stylish illusion and show your living room much more spacious. You can also get a much larger look if you use the same flooring models in the corridor or entrance connected to the living room. Flooring models with light colors and uncomplicated textures reflect the light and can make your room look much larger. If you need inspiration, you can browse the AGT flooring models and find the most suitable light-colored model for your living room among these rich variants. Nil from the Natura Line, Minori from the Natura Slim, or Concept Centro and Concept Casella from the Concept 10 mm Series can give your living room the ampleness and space you need. Just take a look at the AGT flooring models to see more options.


Wall Coatings and Color Choices

We highlighted the need to use light colors and modest tones in your decoration preferences to capture a large and spacious living room atmosphere. However, this does not mean that you have to follow the same path in the coating and color choice of your walls. On the contrary, there is so much you can do with darker colors. Dark colors will be an ideal solution to create a wider perception of space as they can conceal the wall corners. On the other hand you can be combining wrong colors together that will absorb the light, and while you try to create a roomy area, you can be doing just the opposite. That's why you should choose your colors carefully and consider the home textiles and floor coverings together.

If you are not into dark colors personally, you can choose light tones throughout the living room using dark colors only on one of the walls or on a smaller area. You can even achieve a similar result by combining different shades of the same color. Choosing a different color for each wall can also help you get a more dynamic look in your room. If you want to take advantage of wallpapers to give your living room a stylish look, you can show the ceiling of the room higher with a small illusion created by vertically striped wallpapers.

Contrast Details and Mirrors

If you have preferred predominantly light colors in the decoration of your living room, you can enhance the feeling of spaciousness by using dark or vibrant colors that contrast these light colors over different accessories and details. What are your options at this point? Flowered or geometric wallpapers with striking patterns, dark beanbags, lamps or pendants with shiny details, long curtains lighter or darker in color to match the color of the wall are just a few of the options . If it’s about attracting attention, another powerful candidate you can evaluate is the mirrors. It is possible to create a much more spacious and roomy feeling by using mirrors, whether you use them wall-to-wall or you place different sizes of mirrors in different points of the living room. The only and most important thing you should pay attention to is that they should be placed in such a way to reflect the light. On top of reflecting the light, they can also be evaluated in a more decorative way by making a small corner made of mirrors cut in different forms.


Creative Use of the Area

The illusions you created with rows, colors, and patterns came to an end, leaving you to practice. Your biggest help for this will be functional furniture designs. As an alternative to the solutions offered by the existing area, you can create more space for yourself with different designs that you can customize. You want to know how? For example, other than the changes in color and appearance, you can go about creating additional space for yourself on your walls. You can save room and get a much more spacious area with exclusive designs such as high bookshelves made using wooden panels or built-in closets. Alcove- or shelf-styled cabinets on or around the door, or folding tables and chairs can provide great solutions to create the additional space you need.

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