Simple but Effective: Tips for choosing parquets

Parquet coating which is one of the most important particulars determining the identity of living areas is one of the first steps of a characteristic differentiation of house decoration. Before realizing parquet coating process, there are many details to be considered, the main ones of which are their color, texture, wideness, and material being used. In this respect, it is required for you to specify the type of parquet you will use, the area where you will apply, and the period of application (foreseeing the next time for changing is important for making the correct choice). What should be considered when making correct selection of parquet model? Your answer is awaiting you in our writing in detail.

Before Selecting Materials: Parquet Varieties

You started working on your decoration renewal processes and you have written choosing the parquet model at the top of your work list. Because you know that your choice of ground coating is a fundamental topic which will influence many of the decisions you will take afterwards. In order to select the correct material, you have to decide on the efficiency you expect from the material and on your decoration style. Among various criteria such as texture and durability, heat insulation, visuality, and sound insulation, you should specify those which are most important for you and you should make selections to meet these expectations with the accompaniment of an expert. Now let us take a general look at parquet varieties:

Laminated Parquets

Laminated parquets, which are frequently preferred due to their special textures, contribution to isolation, and endurance, are among your most probable candidates. Laminated parquets, that could be selected at different thicknesses according to usage densities of living areas you will prefer, provide plenty of options with respect to colors and appearance as well as affordable prices. Wood ratio of laminated parquets which provide a natural and warm appearance in all spaces, is high. This material which has a more natural appearance as it is used, makes your spaces gain a more characteristic look .

Solid Parquets

If you wish to have a completely natural appearance, solid wooden parquets could be a good solution for you. This type of parquet, the furnishing period and maintenance of which is longer, requiring more efforts when compared with other types of parquet, almost has similar thickness as laminated parquet. Although they can be used for long periods, they are not durable against heat and moisture. Solid wood which gets moist widens and swells. When it is heated too much, openings are observed in parquet structure. This situation can especially be observed in solid parquets that are produced from trees which are not well baked. It is required for furnishing process of solid parquets to be realized by professional masters. Furnishing of solid parquets on a mid size area takes around 1 day. After finishing the furnishing process, time comes for epoxy application. In order for epoxy which is used in application to get hardened, it is needed to wait for minimum 5-6 days. During the following 3-4 days, it is required to complete scraping and polishing works. Meaning that obtaining this elegant appearance requires both time and efforts in economic aspects.

Rabita Parquets

Another type of parquet model, which has quite long lifetime as having an elegant appearance is rabita parquets. All of this type of parquet, which is generally preferred by those experiencing sound and heat problem, is made of solid wood. On this type of parquet, you can realize as much of sanding as you wish. In this way, you can keep your parquets elegant and vivid at all times like they were on the first day. This material, which is completely natural and environment-friendly, is generally preferred in residences, villas, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and workplaces. These parquets which are applied with skirting boards that are placed in between walls and ground coating, are not influenced from moist and water in this way. Besides, they don’t create burden for your budgets with their affordable prices.

Water Impermeable Parquets

Water is one of the most important enemies of parquets. Many users give priority to water impermeability as they are choosing parquets. For this reason, on areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where liquid access could be easy, parquets are not used very often. However, by means of developing technology, this problems is easily eliminated. For those who prefer wooden texture in grounds that are often used in bathrooms and kitchens, the new solution is water impermeable parquets. This material, which provides a comfortable and easy usage for long periods, can be a good option of those preferring an alternative and natural appearance in bathrooms and kitchens.

Simple but Effective: Tips for choosing parquets

What are the Particulars to Pay Attention to while Selecting Parquets?

Having too many varieties can lead to indecision for a long period. In order to avoid this, we gathered some tips you should consider while selecting parquets. Let us begin:

• Regarding your color and model selection, your main criteria should be endurance. Some models can look appealing to you due to their color or texture, but if they get dirty quickly or if they have a structure that can be easily scratched, they may not be good choices for you.

• When you are making selection of colors, especially consider your furniture. Parquets that would create contrast with the furniture or accessories you choose, would both make the space become more effective and they would make your furniture look more elegant. Just like furniture, determining your wall color or wall coatings beforehand would also provide easiness for you while selecting parquets.

• Another important factor in selecting parquets is related with usage areas. For this reason, in parquet production, there are two different parquet classes such as commercial and residence. Besides these two main classes, there are abrasion classes that are focused on endurance of parquets. Abrasion class of parquet is determined as per walking traffic on the ground where parquet application will be made and as per ground situation. While upper classes are preferred on grounds where movement volume is high, lower classes should be used on grounds with less movement. 21th, 22nd and 23rd classes are convenient for usage in residences, whereas 31th, 32nd, and 33rd classes are convenient for usage in commercial areas.

• Parquet thickness bears significant importance with respect to endurance of parquets. Parquet thickness should be preferred as per ground situation and movement density. Generally for usage in residences, parquets with thickness of 8 mm are considered as the standard.

• Choosing colors for parquets shows variations depending on your usage area and needs. While gray colored parquets create a modern atmosphere in homes and workplaces, parquets with natural colors are mainly made of wooden material and they add a more natural and warm air to your living areas. While parquets with light color make your living areas look brighter, dark colors should be combined with light colored furniture to avoid creating a darker atmosphere. You should not miss that this type of parquets require very frequent cleaning.

• Another important criteria relating with usage is related with lines that are called ‘joints’ which are formed with the combination of 1 mm spaces at the intersection parts of parquet plates in the shape of V. Parquets are divided into two which are those with or without joints. Parquets with joints have high thickness but their abrasion rates are high. These parquets which have a pleasant appearance with respect to decorative aspects, should not be preferred on areas such as commercial areas and entrance of homes where movements are dense.

• Besides thickness of parquets, lock systems that are designed specially for each parquet also influences usage periods and endurance of parquets. Make sure that the parquets you purchase have lock system and that this system is durable.

• In order to make sure of the quality and warrant of parquet models you select, you can look at the certificates relating with the brands. At this point it is sufficient for you to control two important certificates: ISO 9002 Certificate and Blue Angel Certificate. Blue Angel Certificate, that is given after conducting tests for ensuring that harmful chemicals in the parquets don’t reach to the users, comes out as E1 Certificate for laminated parquets. It is significantly important with respect to your health.

• In the selection of parquets, another important criteria is related with guarantee periods. Least guarantee period is observed as 5 years for laminated parquets. For imported parquets, these periods range between 5-30 years.

When making selection of parquets, it bears importance to get information from the authorized company about the features of parquets and about the grounds for which they are suitable. In this way, you can choose the most correct and high quality material and you can use them in your homes for long times feeling confident. If you have any questions, you can have access to AGT sales point which is closest to you or you can contact us from the e-mail address of

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