Power Gloss Panel

A bright idea!

AGT Power Gloss is manufactured by using supreme laser roller technology upon Melamine Faced MDF.

So, a product having enchanting colors and highy mechanical and chemical resistance shows up. Power Gloss, which is used in furniture bulk, kitchen cupboard, bathroom lids and front surfaces in working room, is user and eco-friendly. It does not release VOC (volatile organic compound) to atmosphere.

1.Group Colors

1003 Cream
1005 Black
1006 Elite White
1008 Bianco
1009 New Vison
1022 Light Tessuto
1023 Dark Tessuto
1025 Venüs
1036 Esse
1037 Volcano

2.Group Colors

1002 Cappuccino
1004 New Anthracite
1007 Crystal White
1010 Damson
1011 Orange
1012 Pistachio Green
1020 Ivory Linen
1021 Coffee Linen
1024 Karya
1031 Wicker
1032 Matrix
1033 Nepal
1034 Lotus
1035 Checkers

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