Most Appealing Home Decoration Trends of 2018

Just like in each year, in this year many details are hidden in house decoration trends to make your living areas become more vivid and more peaceful at the same time. We can easily say that the theme of this year is tranquility. Kitchen cupboards, office tables, bathroom panels, or entrance arrangements… No matter which details you prefer, in this year spaciousness, tranquility, and a sophisticated atmosphere is coming to your living areas.

Beginning of a Never Ending Era: Copper and Brass

Copper and brass details which we often saw especially in kitchen and sitting room decorations last year, are also coming at the forefront in decoration suggestions in year 2018. These details which create a simple and plain feeling in the spaces where they are used, come in front of us as a kitchen tap or sometimes as a vase. If you wish to have a sophisticated design but if flamboyant and attracting details are not for you, you may prefer copper and brass accessories or details which provide a more modern option. Copper and brass which are successfully harmonious with furnishing or curtains that are covered with velvet fabric as being the superstar of this year, can come in front of you as the elegant details of your bathroom mirror, your hall chandelier that attracts attention with its geometric form, or tap details providing a brand new appearance to your kitchen counter. In the internal spaces where you prefer copper and brass, you should make sure that you use sufficient amount of additional lightening.

Most Appealing Home Decoration Trends of 2018

Wood Likes the Metal

Even if it may seem astonishing at first sight, wooden materials, which survive through the years, is decisive to combine with metal details in this year. This means that we will often see them especially in retro panels and coatings of kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in metal supporters or handles. Besides panels and coatings, it is highly probable for materials that are made of wooden material, to come in front of us as accessories. While they emphasize industrial elegance everywhere ranging from wall papers to the counters, you can use these assertive details together with vintage textures. If you think about having a design that is mainly in wooden materials, no matter what kind of living area you prefer, you can create light and relaxing ambiances by combining color palette mainly in beige and white with different hues of natural oak surfaces. Illuminations having hand made and metallic tons, can create an elegant contract on the cool atmosphere which you will create. If you need models that would inspire you, you can look at colored panels of AGT.

Most Appealing Home Decoration Trends of 2018

Brave Materials

One of the apparent decorative trends of this year is related with radical materials which will be preferred especially in furniture upholstery and wall panels, to which users stood at a distance beforehand. What are these materials? Leather that comes at the top of the list will come in front of us not only in furnishing but also on wall surfaces with different textures, stitching, and designs. Terrazzo, which is not quite preferred due to its being costly and due to its difficult production process, seems to become one of the most popular materials of this year. Terrazzo coatings which are obtained by combining marble and granite stone parts and by mixing them in cement mortar, are preferred in kitchen counters and bathroom coatings as much as they are used in ground coatings. You should be prepared to meet with accessories such as vases, bread boards, or decorative plates that are designed with this magical material which adds elegance to each point where they are applied in only seconds.

Most Appealing Home Decoration Trends of 2018

Harmony of Colors

Colors, which are among the most important particulars of decoration, continue to undergo changes with seasonal trends and to come in front of us with different usages. In this year, all the trends are progressing in a more natural and rustic line. In the kitchens where we often spend our time in the houses, brown hues will be dominating. Kitchen designs will be applied in country and modern lines. In these areas where it is aimed to provide a clean, refreshing and peaceful atmosphere for the users, we can state that we will often meet with powder color, beige and yellow hues. We will see brown hues more often in the sitting room and saloon sections where we are resting. On the attracting parts such as furnishing and carpets, soft mint green colors, pink colors and sandy colors will be appealing. The areas where you can use brown and dark brown hues most effectively will be bedroom areas. These colors which will enable you to have a quality sleep and which will provide a peaceful atmosphere for your bedroom, can also be evaluated as elegant decoration particulars.

Most Appealing Home Decoration Trends of 2018

Complex and Beautiful

Minimalist approach, which has been at the top of home decoration trends for a long period, is leaving the crown of this year to ‘maximization’, although it does not lose its timelessness. What does maximization mean? Maximization, which is one of the most popular trends of 80s and which promises a chaotic order by using vivid designs and colors together, looks as there is a mixture of everything at first sight but it is a trend which is composed with very careful choices and which reveals a masterpiece in the end. Its fundamental principle is to use different but harmonizing designs and patters together. What relaxes the chaotic and tiresome appearance are accessories and design objects which are made of materials such as marbles, straw, bamboo, wood as having dominant colors and textures. Meaning that, while you are taking on one side with maximization, on the other side you are giving back plenty. What remains is the magnificent harmony of these two contrasts being selected which creates a great appearance for your eyes to see. It is as simple as that.

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