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AGT values its employees with "priority for people".

The Human Resources Policy

AGT values its employees with "priority for people". The company respects the rights and freedoms of its employees. Ethical values are important for AGT and all employees are approached with this philosophy. AGT aims to continue the company culture it possesses.

As a company that is open to change and innovation, that can adapt to technological developments and constantly strives for growth and improvement, AGT expect the same approach from its employee and supports them in line with these goals.

AGT places priority on society, laws, moral values, work safety rules and applications and the quality standards has committed to. AGT expects all of its employees to operate with these same priorities.

AGT aims to add value to its employees, suppliers, their families and the community.

Work Safety Policy

One of AGT's most important objectives is to provide a healthy, peaceful and happy working enviroment for its employees and to be a preferred business. AGT believes that in order to reach this goal the work and the workplace must first be a safe place for everyone. AGT takes all necessary precautions on the subject of Work Health and Safety and helps employees protect their physical and mental health.

Human Resources Power

Deriving its greatest strength from its "Emotional Capital", AGT has always been proud of its work force of nearly 1000 employees and potential to be able to provide the highest employment opportunity in the area. AGT supports employees both from a professional and a personal improvement aspect, and forms its Human Resources power in line with its plans and strategies for the future. The company see the "AGT family" as a great power that includes the families of employees.

The Recruitment and Succession Plan

Different tests and inventories special to the positions are applied in the recruitment process. Also in all of the processes of recruiting for administrative and higher positions an "assessment center" application is implemented to choose the best leaders for the departments.

In addition to the right candidate for AGT approach, the correct working philosophy for candidates constitutes the greatest distinction of the company.

Employees are supported with technical and institutional training, individual development, MBA programs and Leadership Schools.

Training and Improvement

AGT strives to provide the training and development support that is necessary to ensure the needs of the company and the professional and individual development of employees. Employees are supported with technical and institutional training, individual development, MBA programs and Leadership Schools.

Assessment Center Work

AGT believes in a culture of feedback and its effect on development. This is why the company implements Assessment Center Applications to support employees discovering their strengths, preparing for the future and focusing their potential correctly within the company. Cooperation is developed with completely independent and internationally accredited companies as methodology in line with systems that are generally accepted worldwide and with priority for the management team.

Performance Management System

The AGT Performance Management System aims to generalize the goals that are determined in line with company strategies across all levels of the company and raise amployee performance to the highest level towards these shared goals.

Everyone is striving for the same goal at AGT!

“Determining and generalizing goals”, “tracking goals”, “interim assessments”, “year end assessments” and “feedback” comprise the AGT Performance Management System.

After the strategic goals of AGT are determined at the beginning of the year they are generalized throughout the Executive Board and management and all other sublevels in line with the instructions of the Board of Directors.

The yearly goals of employees are determinined during the goal setting meeting at the beginning of the year between administrators and employees. The realizations of these goals are monitored throughout the year and corrective measures are taken.

At the end of the year employees meet with their department supervisors to assess performance and present feedback.

Personal improvement plans are created as output of this feedback. The success of employees is measured and rewarded according to the realization of goals. The output of the Performans Management System creates the basis for determining salaries and promotions.

Salaries and Vested Benefits

A salary system that is fair, position specific and standardized in line with work assessment methodology and market comparison is practiced at AGT.

Therefore a salary system that is based on the assessment of work and content regardless of title and individual is preferred. AGT, which implements 'fare' wages instead of 'equal wages' based on the discipline that ‘’it is unfair to treat two things that are not equal in an equal manner", continues to develop systems and processes that will bring forth competitive superiority and successful performance.

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