Warmness of Wood, Aesthetics and Function are all in one.

General Headquarters of AGT draws attention with its new and striking indoors design. The space which was designed by YALIN TAN + PARTNERS in 2014 creates the ideal work environment, allowing flexible usage. The wooden material which is extensively used in various parts of the project from the floor to ceiling, from the partitions to furniture, both reflects corporate identity of AGT and emerges as an element that aesthetically and functionally strengthens the design.

AGT Genel Merkez Binası

“YALIN TAN + PARTNERS”, the designer of the project that sets an example for the creative usage of wood indoors, explains the designing approach as:

The starting point of our designing team was determined by not only a goal of creating an esthetical and functional space, but also thanks to the AGT team’s combination of colourful, surprising and dynamic solutions with the space, taking technical abilities into consideration in accordance with its world vision.

A livelier, people oriented, multi-purpose and dynamic space which comprises a humane approach was aimed. Flexibility and multi-functionality was the aimed scenario. While the resting areas within the office provided the employees the flexibility to carry on their desktop tasks in diverse areas, aiming to feature the “placing a high a value on an employee will increase the performance” concept all over the project. A varied resting choice allows both group and individual working options. Aiming to create an environment that would reflect AGT’s lumber/wood production power and capacity, much emphasis was put on the wood and the warm areas that it creates in parallel with the concept as far as possible.

AGT Genel Merkez Binası

Project location: ANTALYA
Project year:
Interior architect: YALIN TAN + PARTNERS
Employer: AGT
AGT products that were used: AGT Panel, Profile, MDF LAM boards, Flooring

AGT Genel Merkez Binası
AGT Genel Merkez Binası

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