Floorings that are indispensable for some in decorating living spaces continue to be a decoration element valued for their durability and cost for others. Today we will offer you a variety of suggestions to choose the most suitable flooring models for your home or office, as well as considering their cost and durability.

A Closer Look to the Flooring World

Flooring is a stylish and robust floor covering product that has managed to become a part of almost every house. Floorings made with wood or wood-like materials are nowadays subject to different criteria such as durability or resistance to wear, stain or water. Solid floorings, known to be one of the most durable yet hard to maintain types of floorings, are prepared by cutting in 20x60x300mm size before application and then fixing on the floor with glue. After the surface has been leveled and smoothened with sandpapers of varying thicknesses, sorted from thick to thin, polishing takes place and the solid floorings become ready. Despite the elegant look, solid floorings are more costly as they require qualified labor. However, they can be used for many years; and can get the first day’s look with the help of sandpaper and lacquer in the event of any wear and tear.


Laminated floorings that offer great solutions for those who want to get a stylish look in their living spaces with lower budgets are one of the most frequently preferred solutions for many workplaces and homes for their practicality and affordability. The application of laminated floorings readied by saturating resin to papers printed in desired colors and designs in the printing house is very fast and practical. Laminated floorings made mainly of wood have a long life span as long as they are treated carefully. They are also very easy to clean.

Nowadays, products that have proven to be highly durable comparative to other laminated floorings are increasing in number. For a current example in this sense, let's introduce you to AGT's Concept 10mm series. This design, with a texture unaffected by stains, easy to clean, sensitive to temperature and does not wear, and giving a new impulse to flooring technologies with its rich designs and easy-to-apply lock system, is ready to shatter your prejudices against laminated flooring models.

What is the effect of flooring in decoration?

Now let's come to the fun part, the decoration. One of the things that will have a big impact on your choice of flooring is the general appearance it will create in your living spaces. Floorings in different textures and colors help you to present different looks in your living spaces. You can also use the floorings as an aid to decorating, depending on different factors such as the area’s size, lighting capacity and frequency of use. If you ignore these factors, you may be in the wrong choices and you can negatively influence the appearance of your current space. To avoid such a situation, you can use the following tips:

• Use light-colored flooring models for small and narrow spaces. If you have a quick-fouling or busy space, you can still prefer wood in medium color tones and dense textures, avoiding very dark tones.

• Before you choose your flooring, picture the color tones of the space you want to create in your mind. Use the furniture, curtains and accessories you'll use as an inspiration. Try to think of them as a whole.

• In heavily used areas, prefer thick floorings. The ideal thickness for flooring is 8 mm.

• Jointed floorings, with ease of application and stylish look, are ideal for those whose priority in their living spaces is elegance.

• Combine different sizes together to create an innovative space. For this you can take advantage of AGT's uni-décor Slim/Large flooring models.


Floorings are of course not differentiated by their technical characteristics and colors only. If you are in an in-depth pursuit for the spaces you’ll prefer floor covering, let's go over some textures and patterns. Here are a few of the inspiring flooring model suggestions we have compiled for you:

Get inspiration from the past

The past has always been inspiring in the world of decoration as it is in the world of fashion. The situation is not very different for the case of floorings. If you want to give your living spaces a more retro look, you can opt for flooring patterns with aged look and earth tones. AGT Ravello is the right choice for you. Alternatively, if you want to capture a soul that reflects Scandinavia and move your time machine to the 60s and 70s, you can opt for colorful flooring models with geometric patterns and repetitive textures. Make sure that there are few items in the areas where these types of floorings are used and that the colors are mainly in light tones. In this way it is possible to capture a more minimal and stylish look away from the complexity of patterns. You can easily use AGT Gray Oak floorings for this concept.

The Warmth of Wood

Solid wood or laminated floorings; the color and texture of the wood bring naturalness, warmth and comfort to every setting. For this reason, you can prefer this type of wooden floorings in areas such as study rooms, salons or living rooms. This way, you will have made a preference that won’t be challenging and that you’ll be able to use for years thanks to their timeless colors. Wooden floorings give you the opportunity to make bold decisions in both your furniture and accessory choices. This also gives you ample space to choose from fabrics or upholstery with more colorful or denser patterns.

Powerful and Modern

If you want to move on a more minimal and modern line, you can still choose flooring models with wooden texture but in mainly white tones. These models that you can prefer especially in smaller areas are in harmony with tones of gray, yellow and green. In this way your floorings will display a great harmony with your mainly-wooden furniture or metal-detailed table, coffee table and chairs, and you will attain that modest look you desire. For those who want to take an alternative way of minimalism, we would recommend floor coverings with semi-dull looks or ceramic textures. This type of covering, helping you capture a much brighter and larger appearance by reflecting the light the room receives, does not just offer a modest design; it also allows you to have floor coverings that will look brand new forever.

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