29 May 2023

          Pantone Names Color of the Year: 'Brave, Fearless, Optimistic and Cheerful Viva Magenta!

          Announcing the color of 2023, Pantone has chosen PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta, which evokes the concepts of 'brave and fearless', 'strong and empowering'.

          With the production of carmine dye, one of the most valuable, strongest and brightest of the natural dye family, which has its origins in the cochineal insect, the red tone of Viva Magenta emerges and signals us an uncontrollable power.

          Inspired by sustainability and lifestyles that recognize a growing responsibility towards nature, Pantone has observed a growing appreciation and awareness of nature in the 'Color of the Year' selection process, combining the richness, warmth and power of natural materials with the rich, open horizons of the digital world. The result is a shade of red that is authentic and expands our horizons. Viva Magenta's organic, raw boldness creates new opportunities for self-expression.

          Transformative Power in Decoration PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta!

          Creative designers can use the full power of Viva Magenta to create silk curtains, sofas or walls. Those who want to achieve a more striking look can use it as a color explosion. The minimal use of viva magenta creates a look that is assertive but not aggressive.

          You can keep the rebellious spirit of carmine red alive in your living spaces by using it in a glass vase, an armchair or a flower arrangement. This effect will be much more when you combine dark wood tones with your furniture.

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