04 November 2022

          AGT wall profiles started a trend with a variety of models and colors. AGT wall profiles, one of the most talked about decoration elements of 2022, reflect the limitless imagination of the space with their variety of usage areas and usage methods.


          Wejustpinspire instagram account Founder and Content Managers Master Architect Aslı Dağaltı Dilsiz and Master Architect Tanem Eren Belen compiled their ideas on how to diversify this trend in space for our blog.


          We wish you an inspirational reading on decoration.


          Wall Profile for a Spacious and Trendy Appearance

          Wooden walls, which was the most fashionable wall style of the nineties, are once again with us as a wall profile with different decoration styles in recent years. The most practical way for those looking for a brand new and striking look: Wall Profile!


          WHAT IS A Wall Profile?

          It is a perfect choice to bring the peaceful and serene atmosphere of wood in our living spaces, where we spend most of our hours, to the interior and transform the space.


          WHY Should It Be Used?

          Wall profiles are also known as the most economical method among wall decorations. Using a wooden wall profile to decorate any wall in your home in a stylish way and at the same time easily add texture will be more economical than other coating materials and will create a more elegant and aesthetic appearance.

          You only need to have wall profiles and mounting elements. It can be implemented almost as easily as putting two pieces of a puzzle together. Moreover, they are very practical as they can be installed piece by piece as well as easily disassembled and applied to other areas when desired. Therefore, it is possible to reuse the same wall profiles when you want to make decoration changes in different areas of the house.



          A great design solution that is both economical and long-lasting, isn't it?


          Wall profiles, whose advantages do not end with counting, are both loved and preferred a lot. Having different coating styles also increases its usability.


          To incorporate wooden profiles into wall decoration, you can use these suggestions:


          Show your difference…


          The all-white wall in your relaxation corner may seem too monotonous. Using it vertically and on a large scale on a single wall instead of covering the entire corner can make the space look natural and warm.

          Sleek and modern look with a simple geometry …

          Today, wood panel cladding is a widely used style as a complement to television units and seating areas. On a part of the wall, you can use the panels thin and horizontally or vertically and thinly to achieve a striped geometric look. In addition, you can differentiate the whole with parts such as table lighting that you will add.


          That's how easy it is to create modern decorations with modern designed wall profiles. It is very enjoyable to create exquisite spaces with AGT wall profiles with color, texture, model aesthetics and the application technology they have developed! 

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