28 July 2021

          2021 Pantone Colours

          Pantone Color Institute announces the color of the next year in December each year. So how is the color of the new year determined?  

          Pantone does not choose random colors when determining the color of the new year. The color of the new year is determined as a result of the evaluation of a committee consisting of psychologists, economists, sociologists, designers and institution officials who evaluated the events of the previous year.

          For 2021, Pantone made a difference and determined 2 colours. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

          In the color choices determined based on the Covid-19 epidemic, which started in 2020 and affected the whole world, while its solidity like Ultimate Gray rock represents durability, it declared these two colors as 2021 because it thought that this durability would be with positive energy and would become solid.

          Yellow and gray decoration, which is one of the colors that are always in harmony and frequently combined in fashion and decoration, is easily combined in all spaces.

          Kitchen, study room, children's room… In short, these two colors, which are among the indispensable colors to create a modern effect in living spaces, will be more common in every field in 2021.



          • Designer