After Intermob 2018...

We attended the INTERMOB Fair held Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre between October 13 and 17, 2018, where trends in wood, forest products and technologies are set and leading companies of furniture industry and accessories industries roll out their newest products and services.

Attaching great importance to innovation and bringing the fair visitors with a different concept every year, our brand introduced its new panel colours and special design flooring series to those interested in decoration with its concept ''Wood Meets Art'', prepared with the vision of providing different and innovative products to global markets, for the first time at the INTERMOB 2018.

Defne Koz designs are also in the fair!

We also presented 'AGT Design By Defne Koz' products to the visitors, which were prepared for our company by Defne Koz, a famous industrial designer who touches every area of life and inspires with her designs.

We also had the opportunity to have the attendees experience our products and colours through live spaces via the AGT Mobile Application at our fair stand of 360 square meters.

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